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Proximate Combat System

Proximate Combat System is an effective reality-based Self Defence & Fighting System developed by Mr. Rajesh Dadhwal. This system is unique as it draws from and builds upon the training methods deployed by the special forces. This has been made relevant to the modern lifestyles and threats.

The system combines training the body as well as the mind - Some situations require you to have some degree of physical training, other might need you to master verbal and psychological skills.

In dire situations, a little knowledge and a little skill can save your life.

About Leader

Chief instructor

Mr Rajesh Dadhwal
Ex-training officer SPG

Mr. Dadhwal has trained thousands of officers at the elite Special Protection Group (SPG), which is the executive protection agency of the Government of India responsiblefor the security of the Prime Minster of India and other high level dignitaries. He has also worked with and trained at various high level agencies internationally. He has trained the elite commandos responsible for protection of the heads of states in India and abroad. He has been part of ‘Close Protection Team (CPT) & Training’ department for over 10 years at SPG.

  • Certified military and law enforcement trainer

  • Ex-BSF and ex-SPG

  • 40+yrs experience - hand-to-hand combat training

  • Certified in VVIP Protection Trainings (Israel)

  • Krav Maga Instructor certified by the IKMF

  • KAPAP Instructor

  • Certified Military Instructor

  • Certified - Bio-mechanics Resistance Training, US

  • Certified in Latest Weapon Training, Belgium

  • Specialist, Anti-hijacking & Sky Marshalling (NSG)

  • Specialist, Anti-hijacking & Sky Marshalling (NSG)

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Team Members

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Diganta Biswas

Black Belt (1 Dan), Shito-Ryu Karate

Trained in Israeli unarmed combat style & ASCT

Trained in third party protection

Certified analyst - risk of terrorism

Trained Mountanius Alumnus - NIM, Uk

State-level shooter


Shivam Dahiya

Black Belt, Mixed Martial Arts (India)

Black Belt, Silambam

Trained in ASCT and Krav Maga

State gold (Delhi) & national silver, MMA

Experience of Muay Thai, boxing, Kalaripayattu & Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ)


Srijan Ghosh

Black Belt (3 Dan), Krav Maga

Black Belt (1 Dan), Kyokushin Karate (Japan)

Represented India in bare-knuckle fight

Certified ASCT trainer